Chevrons: None.
Monthly Pay: 5.00

The starting rank in the Cavalry. No previous requirements are necessary, aside from applying. The link to the application form can be found at the top of the entrance discord channel and only requires your WoR name, Discord name, and Steam name.
Chevrons: One bar in worsted.
Monthly Pay: 13.00

On and Off the Field:

Attendance of minimum 2 events, or another form of activity that helps the unit, administratively or socially. (Discord, Steam, YouTube, Reddit, etc)

The ability to change in-game name and tags, as well as explain the process to others.

A basic understanding of the use of Discord, including Push-To-Talk and Event Sign-Up.

Demonstration of the use of B.R.V.C., including interpreting it to pass it on to others.

Chevrons: Two bars in worsted.
Monthly Pay: 20.00


  1. 30+ days as Trooper, or 14+ days with attendance of 8+ events and 2+ drills.

  2. A full grasp of the responsibilities of a Trooper and the ability to demonstrate this.

advancement process:

On the Field:

  • Relaying instructions and orders given by commander

  • Maintaining unit accountability of immediate vicinity

  • Assisting newer members who have difficulty keeping up in battle

  • Taking over when all the ranks above them have died gloriously

    Off the Field:

  • Taking attendance and battle reports

  • Recruitment, within reason

  • Assisting higher ranks in administrative duties within the regiment

  • Learning basics of event coordination and inter-regimental communication


Chevrons: Three bars in worsted.

Monthly Pay: 34.00

On the field:

  • Responsible for keeping Troopers and Corporals combat effective and cohesive at all times, as well as the colours.

  • Leading detachments of skirmishers, scouts, or flag rescue parties while communicating with officer

  • Relaying instructions and orders given by commander or providing own instructions in delay of orders

  • Delegating chain of command if it appears that unit may suffer major or total casualties

Off the Field:

  • Taking attendance and battle reports and checking in with new members to offer help

  • Recruitment ideas and initiatives as well as drill ideas

  • Assisting, or forming and leading drills when possible

  • Keeping track of development of subordinates

Historical Structure of a Cavalry Regiment
NOTE: Structure could vary from regiment to regiment, and deviated from the original structure of Federal Cavalry, outlined below

  • Out of the 176 officers of the five original regiments, 104 cast their lot with their native Southern states when the Civil War broke.

  • A regiment was originally commanded by a Colonel, and had a Lieutenant Colonel, 3 Majors, an Adjutant, Adjutant's Staff, a Quartermaster, a Commissary, a regimental Surgeon and Surgeon's Assistant.

The non-commissioned roles included: one Sergeant-Major, one Quartermaster Sergeant, one Commissary Sergeant, one Saddler Sergeant, a Chief Farrier or Blacksmith, and two Hospital Stewards.
  • One regiment originally contained 12 Troops, each troop consisting of 100 men, commanded by a Captain, a 1st Lieutenant, a 2nd Lieutenant, and a Supernumerary Lieutenant. - One Southern cavalry regiment, on paper was commanded by a Colonel, with a Lieutenant Colonel, a Major, and an Adjutant. Each consisted of 10 Troops, the equivalency of a Company, each numbering 60 to 80 Troopers.

  • One Troop/Company was commanded by a Captain, a 1st Lieutenant, a 2nd Lieutenant, a 3rd Lieutenant (aka Cornet, Ensign, Subaltern, or Supernumery Lieutenant) and included five Sergeants, four Corporals, a Farrier and a Blacksmith. But of course, this structure was always liable to go ass-over-tits at any given time.

The Cavalry Brigade
  • Cavalry regiments were formed into brigades; brigades into divisions; divisions into Corps or Armies.
  • A Confederate cavalry division might have up six brigades. The number of regiments in each brigade varied from two to six, depending on the strength of the units. An "Army"/Corps contained two or three Divisions.

Cavalry Battery/Horse Artillery
  • Whenever possible, horse artillery was attached to the cavalry, and was followed by its own train of ammunition, supply wagons and rolling forage.

Commissioned Officer

  • LIEUTENANT COLONEL [1stVA.Cav]LtCol. name

  • Major [1stVA.Cav]Maj. name

  • Captain [1stVA.Cav]Capt. name

  • Adjutant [1stVA.Cav]Adj. name

  • 1st Lieutenant [1stVA.Cav]1stLt. name

  • 2nd Lieutenant [1stVA.Cav]2ndLt. name

  • 3rd Lieutenant [1stVA.Cav]3rdLt. name

Non Commissioned Officer

  • Sergeant-Major [1stVA.Cav]SgtMaj. name

  • Quartermaster [1stVA.Cav]QM. name

  • Quartermaster Sergeant [1stVA.Cav]QmSgt. name

  • Ordnance Sergeant [1stVA.Cav]OrdSgt. name

  • First Sergeant [1stVA.Cav]1stSgt. name

  • Sergeant [1stVA.Cav]Sgt. name

  • Corporal [1stVA.Cav]Cpl. name

Non Commissioned Member

  • Lance Corporal [1stVA.Cav]LCpl. name

  • Ranger [1stVA.Cav]Rngr. name

  • Trooper [1stVA.Cav]Tpr. name

  • Cadet [1stVA.Cav]Cdt. name